Monday, January 26, 2015

HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!! (mission farewell talk)

I am such a loser! The title of this blog though.... hahha I just wished my self a happy birthday.. Its all good. oh well.. hahha wow! THIS DAY HAS BEEN AHHHHHMMMMMAAZZZZIIINNNGGG! Today is my birthday AND I got to give my farewell talk. WAM. BAM. hahahha! killed two birds with one stone! I hate that saying but oh well I used it. Today was FILLED with family, friends, meetings, tears, laughter, and the gospel! All of my favorite things.

I started my morning off with my final meeting with my stake president! It was so good. We laughed a lot! He is a HOOT! Let me tell ya! haha! I could tell you in a million ways why my stake president and bishop are amazing!!!!

While I was waiting to meet with my stake president  I started talk to with this man that was sitting in the foyer with me. His name is Travis Hilton. We got talking about life. I told him kind of that I have been going threw and shared with him my testimony of repentance, hope and temple work. He said wow, can I record you saying your testimony? I said sure! I hope what I say will makes sense, he said it does, seriously. This link below will bring you to where it is posted! Fill free to take a listen!

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Not only did I get to share my testimony I also go to share me and my families reactivation story threw #hasteningthework with Facebook. The video below says it all! I thank the heavens above everyday for putting Elder Durant and Elder Pili into my life. They came into my life right when I needed them the most. Right when I was about to let go they gave me a millions reasons why I should stay. I love them for that. They. Are. MY. Missionaries.

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My meeting with my stake president was amazing!! (as always) lol! He shared with me today three words. Those words are INADUQAUTE, UNWORTHY, UNABLE. These words are toxic waste when it comes to being a missionary. When you feel inadequate it some times turns into feeling unworthy, feeling unworthy starts to make you feel unable. Here is my advice when you start feeling those words. DONT FEEL INADEQUATE. DONT FEEL UNWORTHY. DON'T FEEL UNABLE TO DO THIS WORK. You have talked to your bishop, you have repented for your sins. You are found worth to served this mission. Think of those words as the three NO NO steps. Ha! They are like a waterfall, they flow into each other and can get you turned in all sorts of directions. (if that makes sense) You are special to Heavenly Father. He isn't making you or wanting you to feel those words. It is Satan who wants us to feel those three words. He is the master of sadness and sorrow.

But remember this:

He can BRUSE your heel, but you can CRUSH his head.

When you are set apart as a missionary you are given all the keys you need to succeed.  DON'T ever compare your self to others. I tend to do that sometimes and it honestly sets me right up to fail. Pray always. Ask God to help you. He is there. He always has been.

Rant over.

Ha! I am just ranting because i want missionaries or missionaries-to-be to know how important they are and how important this work is. You are there because you are found worthy. You aren't sent there to fail. Be someone missionary. Be that ray of sunshine for someone. Be kind, gracious, loving, and caring. Just be. (:

Soooo. Yea! My last interview with the stake president went great! After that I went home and hung out with my family! I seriously have been blessed with the best family. My dad loves to collect vinyl! He is considered a "Vinyl Addict" hahah! (better that type of addict than any other addict he could be) haha! He put on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir vinyl and blasted it while we got ready. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is something else. I have seen live! There voices are explosive and make your heart all warm a fuzzy inside.

My talk went super good! I was surprised how many people showed up! It was packed to the back! I was happy people laughed when I was giving my talk and it wasn't *cricket cricket*!! I love everyone who was there and apologize a millions times if I didn't come and say hi! There was so much going on!!! Ha! But I do appreciate everyone who came.

After that we went to the Four Seasons to have a little birthday cake and a little luncheon! It was great! My aunt Kathy came up with all the decorations! She is the most crafty person ever! I love her for that! She started me this BEAUTIFUL scrap book and while I am on my mission she is going to be making it so when I come home I will have a book full of memories!

I thought I should post because today was amazing! This gospel is something else. I seriously cant wait to go scream it to the people in South Korea! I wanna tell them that families CAN be together forever! That is something so near and dear to my heart! For my mission I have had to put together a 4 generation pedigree chart of my family history! It has been so much fun! We recently have moved to Smithfield, Utah and the summer before my wonderful Grandma Judy gave us a folder full of family history. We couldn't find that folder any where. Because we recently moved and it could be any where. So my mother prayed to have The Spirit of Elijah to be with us and to have help finding them. Well guess what, we found them! Doing family history is so easy. It is almost to easy! Seriously!

After we plugged in all of the names we went and did 18 baptisms, my mom and I got to do all of the ladies initiatory, and this past Saturday, January 24, 2015 me and my friends Sally did 2 endowments sessions. I did my great grand mother Veino Janhoenan and my friend did one of my great aunts (I think that is what she is) Anna Northridge. It was amazing. You can feel them there with you. Right when we finished the endowment session I knew they were up in heaven rejoicing and hugging each other. The temple is the closed to heaven you will ever be. I mean when I say I want to live there. (Idk if that is okay to say) ha! It is just amazing!

Wow. What a day! I get set apart as a missionary in Tuesday, January 27 2015. I am so blessed. I am so blessed to be found worthy to accept this calling. I love this.

Monday, January 19, 2015

You gotta start some where i guess,

Lol hello everyone!
My name is Sarah LaVee Northridge. I am so excited to start blogging! My mom kept saying how I needed to create one so I can keep everyone updated on my adventures.....I just kept procrastinating creating one, HAHAH! (That doesn't do anyone any good.) So finally I made one. It has taken me 2 HOURS to just design it! So I hope you all like my design and what I have to say. 

I have been called to service in the Korea Seoul South Mission (as you can tell by my title) lol! I will be teaching the Gospel in Korean. I am so excited to go. I have had 1 month and 2 weeks to get ready for this adventure! Your probably thinking "Wow that isn't a lot of time", well what you are thinking is certainly correct! IT WAS NOT ENOUGH! But we some how made it work! Even though it wasn't much time to get ready I've kind of enjoyed it! I don't have to wait 5 months like some people have to. (which it is nice) I guess what I am trying to say is it is a love/hate thing. If that makes any sense.... I call it the WAM BAM!!! Get your call and out the door you go!

I am super tired..... it is 1:50 and I have to work at 9... I am going to be regretting my decision staying up to write this. OH WELL. Ten days till I leave. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN.