Monday, January 19, 2015

You gotta start some where i guess,

Lol hello everyone!
My name is Sarah LaVee Northridge. I am so excited to start blogging! My mom kept saying how I needed to create one so I can keep everyone updated on my adventures.....I just kept procrastinating creating one, HAHAH! (That doesn't do anyone any good.) So finally I made one. It has taken me 2 HOURS to just design it! So I hope you all like my design and what I have to say. 

I have been called to service in the Korea Seoul South Mission (as you can tell by my title) lol! I will be teaching the Gospel in Korean. I am so excited to go. I have had 1 month and 2 weeks to get ready for this adventure! Your probably thinking "Wow that isn't a lot of time", well what you are thinking is certainly correct! IT WAS NOT ENOUGH! But we some how made it work! Even though it wasn't much time to get ready I've kind of enjoyed it! I don't have to wait 5 months like some people have to. (which it is nice) I guess what I am trying to say is it is a love/hate thing. If that makes any sense.... I call it the WAM BAM!!! Get your call and out the door you go!

I am super tired..... it is 1:50 and I have to work at 9... I am going to be regretting my decision staying up to write this. OH WELL. Ten days till I leave. LET THE MADNESS BEGIN.

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